Fostering interactions among chemical ecologists in Latin America

The study of natural compounds and their ecological role relies in the integration of several disciplines. Working together and learning from each other will ensure the continuing growth of Chemical Ecology in our region. Cooperation and synergy among chemical ecologists in Latin America will give rise to new applications for the management of relevant pests and disease vectors, as well as novel insights into chemically-mediated biological interactions

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ALAEQ - Journal of Chemical Ecology

We are proud to announce that the Journal of Chemical Ecology has accepted to act as the official platform for ALAEQ. As of January 2018 ALAEQ will feature on the…

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PhD Course in Insect Chemical Ecology

The Insect Chemical Ecology PhD Course, jointly administered by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, and Penn State University, is being hosted in Sweden this…

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