The purpose of ALAEQ is to promote the interactions between scientists of the subcontinent, who are dedicated to the study of the role of naturally occurring compounds which mediate interactions between organisms and their environment. Research areas include the study of structure, function, synthesis and biosynthesis of natural products related to organisms, their importance at all levels of ecological organization, their evolutionary origin and their practical application.

The formation of ALAEQ is another step towards establishing Chemical Ecology as an important part of the Latin American science. To reach this goal, we wish not only to strengthen the interaction between Latin American researchers, but also need to rely on contacts with scientists from outside the subcontinent. There is a myriad of problems in Latin America which are waiting to be studied with Chemical Ecology tools, and consequently there is much space for existing and future collaborations. ALAEQ intends to be a platform for regional collaborations and a bridge into the subcontinent for ISCE and APACE members.