Membership renewal / ALAEQ/ISCE joint meeting

Dear members and friends,

(New deadline for student travel awards 22nd Februray 2016; Click here for updates)

An important event is approaching; the first joint ALAEQ/ISCE meeting. In order to enjoy the membership benefits during the meeting you must renew or start your ALAEQ membership BEFORE registering for the meeting.  Membership costs are U$S 10 for students and U$S 15 for Professionals. The registration fees for the meeting (until March 15) are U$S 130/330 for students and U$S 255/400 for professionals (members/non-members).

Moreover, if you plan to apply for the travel awards, you need to be a member at the time of sending your application.

To renew or start a membership, plase contact an ALAEQ contact person in your country, in order to pay the membership dues in local currency and avoid international transfer fees:

Uruguay: Carmen Rossini (crossinister @ gmail.com)
Brasil: Marcelo Lorenzo (marcelo @ cpqrr.fiocruz.br)
Chile: Cristian Villagra (cristian.villagra @ umce.cl)
Colombia: Jorge Molina (jmolina @ uniandes.edu.co)
Venezuela: Fernando Otalora-Luna (labecosen @ gmail.com, otaloraluna@gmail.com)
Argentina: Pablo Guerenstein (pguerenstein @ bioingenieria.edu.ar)
México:Julio Rojas (juliusprolixus @ gmail.com)

Other countries, or for any further questions, please contact Pablo Guerenstein (pguerenstein@bioingenieria.edu.ar)

Membership receipts will be provided during the meeting.

Thank you,